Oxford, United Kingdom


Astrid Southam
I had a bad experience with a previous driving instructor and was a bit nervous about my lessons. Nisar's calm approach helped me overcome the mistakes I was having trouble with and I'm now able to enjoy driving again. I genuinely looked forward to driving with him and I passed my test on the first attempt. Definitely a great experience with a really nice person.
I started with no knowledge about driving, Nisar is an excellent instructor who helped me through the whole process, he identified my mistakes and made sure I am familiar with the skills I need by practising. He is also polite and very friendly, if you are looking for an instructor I would highly recommend him!
Ardavan Sarabi
Nisar is well experienced and educated instructor, he helped me to fine my confidence and to become an patient and well observant driver and that helped me to passed the first time.
Jian Li
I was trained by Nisar when i changed my automatic driving license to manual driving license. Nisar was very a very calm, experienced and nice instructor. He tailed my training and i passed the test at first time.
Great driving instructor - passed my test first time with 1 minor on all the roads we practiced on.
Nisar is my second instructor, I really improved a lot with him as he could see my weaknesses and we worked hard together to fix them. With him it would be a definite pass!
Adam Packer
I am halfway through the ten lessons I have booked with Nisar and I am already in a position to recommend him as an excellent driving instructor. Nisar has all of the qualities I'd hoped for from a driving instructor; keeping me calm, being in control and offering plenty of support. I now look forward to lessons, rather than feeling anxious or nervous and this is helped by the conversations we have during the lesson. As a first time learner, I'm looking forward to completing the ten hours and hopefully passing first time. Thanks Nisar!
Adam Shea
Had a great experience leaning to drive with Nisar. Came with some experience but managed to pass my test after 6 lessons. He stays calm and always gives very useful advice. Would definitely recommend!
Nisar is very honest: he is very rarely late and the few times he was he made sure to let me know, and to always make the time up at the end of the lesson, so you always get what you pay for. He is not only an excellent instructor (knowledgeable about all aspects of driving and clear and concise in his explanations), he is also very easily to get along with, having interesting conversations with you in the periods where there is no direct instruction necessary. I passed first time thanks to Nisar. If I were to go back and learn to drive all over again I would pick Nisar as my instructor without a second thought!
Nisar is a fantastic instructor. After moving to the area, he really helped me to find confidence in my own driving ability and took into consideration my needs when planning the lessons and test. I'm quite a nervous person and he really helped put me at ease learning some trickier routes, and even on the day of my test he gave me the assurance I needed to succeed. I highly recommend his style of teaching because he remains calm and consistent and I always felt safe in the car. I've tried a few different driving schools before I found ENA, but I'm glad I finally discovered it! With Nisar, every lesson is a stepping stone in the right direction, and I was able to pass my test first time without any problems. 5 stars from me!