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  • Why should you not take cheap driving lessons?
    Don’t be deceived by overly cheap driving lessons. Some driving schools may offer very cheap lessons such as ten hours driving tuition for £100. These prices don’t always pay off in the long term. They attract you in with very cheap offers but then you find yourself advised to have more tuition, than you actually need. Remember quality over quantity. 30 hours of lessons at £20 an hour is cheaper than 45 hours of lessons at £15 per hour. Driving instructors offering cheap lessons do so because they do not have the teaching ability to charge more. They are likely to offer poor teaching quality with little or no knowledge of how to teach to the needs of each learner.
  • How many lessons do I need to pass my driving test?
    Currently in the UK you have to be 17 years of age to obtain a provisional licence to drive a car or ride a motorcycle – unless in receipt of a full disability allowance, when you can obtain a provisional licence at the age of 16 years. You must be in possession of a provisional driving licence before you will be able to drive on a public road.
  • Can I start driving lessons before passing my theory test?
    Yes, you can, and probably should, as the practical experience will help you understand the questions and answers contained in the theory test. Likewise what you study for the theory test will also be very helpful in your practical lessons.
  • What’s changing in the Theory Test, and when?
    From 23rd January 2012, the Driving Standards Agency is making changes to the UK driving Theory Test. From this date onwards, the DSA will add new multiple-choice Theory Test questions to the test. The DSA will not let anyone publish these new Theory Test questions, so they will not appear in any product, nor on any website. However, the DSA will continue to release official DSA Theory Test revision questions, and these will be published in all Driving Test Success products.
  • How old do I have to be to start driving a car?
    You can start learning to drive at 17.
  • How do I apply for a provisional licence?
    Application form D1 and photo card application form D750 must be completed. (Available from most post offices). You can apply for a provisional licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday to be valid on your birthday.
  • What is Pass Plus?
    Pass Plus is an extra six hour driving course for pupils who have passed the driving test. Pupils who reach a suitable standard are sent a certificate which may allow them cheaper insurance.
  • What payment do you accept?
    We accept cash and cheque.
  • Do I use the school car for my test?
    Yes. You use the very same car you used in your lessons.
  • Do you provide automatic driving tuition?
    At the moment, we only provide driving tuition using a manual gearbox.
  • How long is each lesson?
    Lessons consist of 1, 1.5 and 2 hours. Most pupils tend to prefer 2 or 1.5 hour lessons as 1 hour isn’t quite enough.
  • How long does the practical driving test last?
    The practical driving test lasts approximately 35-40 minutes and will entail driving on different types of roads with various road conditions. In addition to this you will be asked to perform a reversing manoeuvre and an emergency stop exercise.


  • Do you work weekends?
    Yes you can. your parent or guardian must sign up the form MV-44. also, New York Motor Vehicles requires at least 50 hours of supervised training of 15 hours must be night driving in order to take your Road Tes
  • Can I have more than one lesson a week?
    Yes, We will fit you in for as many lessons as you require.
  • Do you charge more for weekends and evenings?
  • Can I be picked up and dropped off in a different place?
    Yes, within reason.