Oxford, United Kingdom


Nisar has been a fantastic driving instructor. He is calm and patient and very good at explaining everything. The lessons were an enjoyable experience and have really helped to boost my confidence. I am so glad to have passed my test and am very grateful to Nisar for all of his help.
Anna Huggins
Highly recommended driving instructor. Patient, clear and provides excellent instruction on how to pass your test and become a safe and confident driver. I believe he has instilled a good driving technique from the beginning. Passed first time in a quicker time frame than I was expecting!
Very good instructor, knows what he's doing and knows when a pupil is ready for a practical test. Calm and patient when it comes to yourself screwing up when learning to drive and knows how to put things right. Managed to pass with about 13 hours learning time which is excellent.
Nisar has been a very kind, patient instructor. He has given me lots of support over the last few months and encouraged me when I felt a lack of confidence in my driving ability. I believe Nisar taught me well and I had a lot of fun working with him.
Nisar is a very patient and polite instructor, and he is always punctual. He got me test ready in under 20 hours and he made sure we covered my weaknesses as well as my strengths. I had two previous instructors who were not as clear in their instructions or capable of teaching to such a high standard. I strongly recommend Nisar! You can be test ready in no time and won’t overspend.
Josh Jen
After a few different instructors; I have to say, Nisar was by far the best!! I would absolutely recommend him.
Josh Jen
After a few different instructors; I have to say, Nisar was by far the best!! I would absolutely recommend him.
I just passed my driving test (5 minors) with Nisar as my instructor; Nisar has been excellent - very patient and a good teacher, I would definitely recommend him for anyone learning to drive.
Cory Judd
After the third time I finally passed, I had one minor which was silly. My instructor Nisar was amazing and very patient with me, fully recommend him!
Nisar is a brilliant driving instructor. I have always been incredibly nervous to drive, however he was very calm and always helped me on the areas I struggled with most... after 2months of lessons I felt confident and ready to drive and take my test! I passed 1st time with only 4 minors. So thank you and I recommend him highly as a teacher. Thanks again.