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Manual Driving course at ENA-a much-needed helping hand for the beginners



If you are looking for manual car driving lessons near me, your search ends at ENA Driving School.


With more than 70% of the cars on the UK roads running on the manual transmission, no prizes for guessing why manual car driving lesson Windsor is one of our most popular packages on offer. However, we understand and acknowledge that learning to drive a manual car can be no less than a daunting task, especially for beginners. This is why we have hired highly experienced and DSA-approved instructors to impart manual car driving lesson Iver for beginners like you.


Getting used to manual driving may be a touch difficult in the beginning for you and this is where the seasoned instructors at ENA Driving School can come to your rescue. With them around, you can have a ‘helping hand’ to ease you through those early days. With their expert guidance, you would soon become confident enough to zoom through the streets, with your dream car!


We understand that when you are learning to drive, hands-on experience matters the most. From the very first lesson, our qualified instructors would put you on the driving seat and teach you hands-on with the steering wheel and the gearstick. Our job is not only to make you pass the test. We believe that learning to drive is a continuous process. There will be a logical order in how you will be given lessons – from the day of your 1st lesson till you come out ‘victorious’ from the test centre. In every step, the instructors at ENA Driving School would keep a proper track of your progress and will provide you with quality feedback. With this, you will be able to assess your journey thus far and chalk out the points to focus on next. Also, if you think you need to improve more, you may demand more practice sessions and we will be more than happy to help.


We reiterate that our manual driving course is not only about passing the driving test. It is a lesson for life as tomorrow; you will be driving all alone on the road, with no assistance by your side. So, we focus on making you feel comfortable and confident enough to deal with any situation while driving on the road, later on.

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