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Main reasons of pupils fail their driving test!

1) Nerve!

there is always ways of controling nervs depending on individuals  on which  method works the most.

2) Driving differently rather than trying and drive the way the pupil has been taught!

Some pupils try to make driving too good

(overly cautious driving too slow etc to make it better.)

3) Not looking far enough!

One reason of failing the driving test is NOT looking far enough so they have time to process the potential hazards.

4) Reacting to the Examiner’s instructions too quickly!

Pupils should give themselves enough time to think before ( pulling up in a safe place, moving off after properly doing  safety checks etc…)

5) Reading the road signs and road markings effectively!

Most pupils look far enough which is brilliant but unfortunately they don’t read what’s happening and what could happen.

6) Being too  fussy to make manuevers  perfectly well!

Sometimes pupils try to make things too kneet forgetting about safety checks etc…where as the examiners are not interested in a perfect parking extra, rather they keen on not interfearing other road users and safety.

7) Forgetting to check bilnd spots after being asked to park on the left, right or after the emergency stop.

8 ) Not getting the biting point!

Therefore the car roles back.







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